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Paul Mullally is an artist who personifies diversity. A free-style skier, soccer player and private pilot, Mullally is a Seattle native and the second of 12 children in an Irish-American family. A graduate of Seattle University with a passion for art and an inherited love of travel, Mullally once spent nine months exploring art museums and different cultures throughout Europe and the Middle East, carrying only his watercolors and a backpack.

As reflected in his exceptional paintings, he draws his inspiration from all sources. With bright splashes of color reminiscent of his travels in Nepal, inviting settings suggestive of the Northwest and exquisitely rendered portraits that have a universal appeal, Mullally renders his unique experiences in oil on canvas.

"Painting for me is an expression of the beauty and complexity of our world — one need only open one's eyes. Travel has offered me a wonderful opportunity to experience both the diverse beauty and richness of other cultures. We are different, and we are the same."

Mullally's honors include receiving the 1989 NWR Merit Award from George Carlson and the 1990 NWR Merit Award from Kent Ullberg. He was named one of the 100 Outstanding Alumni at Seattle University's Centennial Celebration in 1991. His one-man inaugural exhibition marked the opening of Seattle University's Fine Arts Building in 1993. In 1994 Mullally won The John Scott People's Choice Award, The Ben Stahl Artists' Choice Award and an Award of Excellence at the 17th Annual Northwest Rendezvous Art Show.


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