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The art of Canadian Ken Danby is known the world over. He paints modern images that reflect the sharpness of our times with an abstract structure forged beneath a representational style. Danby's paintings cannot be confined to one particular category as they encompass so many; he is acclaimed for his work in landscape, sport and portrait genres alike.

Danby says his greatest challenge is to increase his awareness: "Each time out, each time I do a painting, I increase my awareness a little more, ensuring keener inspiration and perspective in my next painting." Danby wrestles with the elements of each new painting; he must simplify, strengthen, emphasize and eliminate.

The international reputation his artwork enjoys has led Danby to many achievements. He was commissioned for a series of watercolor paintings for both the 1983 America's Cup sailboat race and the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. His original paintings reside in such institutions as the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. He has exhibited widely in Canada and the United States as well as Europe and South America.

Danby 's instincts told him to work from nature; it was through nature that he learned "the individual fundamentals of image making." He strives to generate a sense of presence in his paintings, to "bring out some emotions, a feeling of life...I create imagery that intrigues me."


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